The Yeatman, Porto, restaurant review

I am, currently, in a very happy place, not literally but mentally. Last night, NN and I had a truly spectacular, joyful, mind blowing meal, at the two Michelin starred restaurant at the Yeatman Hotel in Porto; well, technically, it’s in Gaia which overlooks Porto.Literally, I am sitting in Burger King, in the airport,  because I refuse to spend €7 on a dry, scabby sandwich. While I might be willing to part with vast sums … Continue reading The Yeatman, Porto, restaurant review

Bar Douro, restaurant review, London

If I am very lucky, once a year, the stars align and I find myself at dinner with two of my oldest friends. Last week,  I got very lucky. M flew in from HK and N made the easier, but infinitely less glamorous,  journey from Guilford. What never fails to amaze is the way we slip straight back into being together. These are two of the smartest, … Continue reading Bar Douro, restaurant review, London

Private dining at Uva restaurant

Today the forecast was for thunderstorms. We checked approximately six different forecasts, the forecast was still for thunderstorms and we still weren’t dressed for the weather.  It being Sunday, most things were shut, so I booked one of the hit list restaurants on the Fork app, only to find, when I checked its own website, that it, too, was shut! I moved onto the next … Continue reading Private dining at Uva restaurant

A local Madeiran delicacy, so they say.

L’Osteria restaurant review I am currently on holiday in Madeira, a Portuguese island that’s not all that close to Portugal. E and I were eating dinner at Yuu Kitchen on Monday, discussing a possible holiday, and by Tuesday I had booked us on a cheap and cheerful package deal.  On our first night, I booked a restaurant that had highly rated reviews on the Fork … Continue reading A local Madeiran delicacy, so they say.