108 Restaurant, Copenhagen, restaurant review

Noma, the name said with reverence, is the holy grail of the food world. Reopened just three months ago, it is the aspiration of many but visited by few. And I, friends,remain aspiring. So,when in Copenhagen last month, I visited 108 instead. 108 is very Noma-esque, the head chef being Kristian Baumann, an apprentice of Redzepi, the renowned chef and co-owner of … More 108 Restaurant, Copenhagen, restaurant review

Dining at Dabbous

Tom and I worked together in my first job when I came to London. My old boss deserves many thanks. She said she knew we’d work well together, we did, but more than that we became best friends. Now, Tom lives in Hong Kong and, so, time spent together is more precious than ever. When … More Dining at Dabbous

Lunch at Lyle’s 

After last night’s excellent dinner at Dabbous with Tom and Rick and dinner planned tonight at Brick Lane’s newest opening, Hopscotch, I worried that booking Lyle’s for lunch was excessive. Maybe I should save it for a special occasion, or a time when I hadn’t eaten so much food, so recently? But when would that … More Lunch at Lyle’s 

The Harwood Arms 

Londons most casual one star restaurant?  A and I met almost eight years ago at a mutual best friends boyfriend’s birthday in London. For us it’s was love at first sight and we’ve been best friends ever since, he is one of the absolute loves of my life. In May he turned 40 and in … More The Harwood Arms