Strictly Ballroom, theatre review, London

Strictly Ballroom is a dazzling, sequined, joyous, life-affirming bundle of unadulterated pleasure and utter joy.  It is a perfect antidote to all of life’s ails, it should be available on the NHS to those feeling blue. To say that I love this doesn’t even come close. It is one of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen, EVER. It’s one of the best things I’ve … Continue reading Strictly Ballroom, theatre review, London

The Grinning Man, madness and wonder, theatre review.

Fresh, profound, riotous, bizarre, somewhat confused, a little overlong, magical. While contradictory, all of these are true of this new show, looseły based on the Victor Hugo novel, TheMan Who Laughs. Brought to the stage by Tom Morris of War Horse fame, it’s one of the most bizarre shows I’ve seen and it’s well suited to the small space of Trafalgar Studios. The set is excellent, particularly, in this theatre. Much of the … Continue reading The Grinning Man, madness and wonder, theatre review.

The Buried Child, Trafalgar Studios

After our excellent lunch at Lyle’s Tom and I ubered into town to the trafalgar studios to watch The Buried Child. I was particularly exited as the last thing I went to see I left at the interval and this featured the excellent Ed Harris in the role of Dodge.  This award winning play written by Sam Shepherd is set in 1970’s rural America and … Continue reading The Buried Child, Trafalgar Studios

Don’t mention the war!

Fawlty Towers Immersive Dining Experience  My sister and I used to love watching Fawlty Towers, we’d savour each episode and wait impatiently for the next. There were only two series of six episodes made and perhaps this is why it we remember it so fondly. On the morning of my birthday I opened an envelop that contained two tickets to the Fawlty Towers dining experience. … Continue reading Don’t mention the war!