St Leonards, Fire & Ice, Restaurant review, London

I always get excited about new openings, even more so when they are within walking distance of home. So, living where I do, I spend a lot of time excited. Combine this with a first date and I’m practically unbearable.  Oh no, not that kind of first date, don’t be ridiculous, this is me we are talking about after all. This is … More St Leonards, Fire & Ice, Restaurant review, London

Typing Room, my type of place, restaurant review

When NN announces at dinner in Malta that she will be in London in a few weeks, I’m delighted. She is an excellent dinner companion, not least because she thinks only in terms of pleasure, rather than cost. I know I can choose somewhere indulgent and she won’t flinch. I am close to booking Roganic of which I have only read reviews … More Typing Room, my type of place, restaurant review

Rascals, bottomless brunch, restaurant review

There is something truly magical about surprising someone but particularly someone you love. And so my excitement was at an all time high when I finally told T and our new girl gang member, H, that we were going to Rascals on Curtain Road for a late, bottomless brunch followed by a trip next door to Ballie Ballerston, the … More Rascals, bottomless brunch, restaurant review

The Clove Club

When A told me back in January he was coming to visit, I had, within a matter of minutes, booked lunch for both days he would be here. The first, The Clove Club, had been on my list for a while; little did I know how utterly wonderful it would be. Now, you could argue … More The Clove Club