A local Madeiran delicacy, so they say.

L’Osteria restaurant review

I am currently on holiday in Madeira, a Portuguese island that’s not all that close to Portugal. E and I were eating dinner at Yuu Kitchen on Monday, discussing a possible holiday, and by Tuesday I had booked us on a cheap and cheerful package deal. 

On our first night, I booked a restaurant that had highly rated reviews on the Fork app, (more about that later). It turned out to be across the road which was great, as it had been pretty wet and we hadn’t packed for the weather. 
On arrival, it seemed I had booked not just a table but in fact a private dining experience. The place was empty but, as it had just started to pour, we decided to stay. 

I opted for the local speciality of scabbard, a white fish, with fried banana and a passion fruit sauce. The fish was in a light batter and was well cooked, as was the banana, I just am not a huge banana fan and I didn’t like the combination. The sauce was extremely sweet and would have benefitted from having the seeds removed. It reminded me a bit of sweet and sour, a very sweet version.

 Glad I tried a national dish but don’t think I’ll be back for more or back to L’Osteria; they did nothing wrong but there are a lot of places to try and I, of course, have a list.


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