Our bloody amazing ladies of perpertual succour.

Theatre review at the National

Tonight T and I went to see Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour at the National Theatre and I have to tell you, it is absolutely, fucking brilliant. It is just stunning!


I loved each of the characters, from their vulgar brashness to their often heart wrenching insights, I laughed out loud with them, they brought tears to my eyes and I sang along with them.  The vocals were fantastic and unexpectedly so. They were filled with drama and emotion and energy. There is also something special about hearing someone sing in your own accent, it’s a rare thing.


I loved seeing an all female cast playing multiple roles, including those of the men that letched over the girls.


This is unlike anything I have seen. It’s the best piece of theatre I’ve seen in such a long time. I’d go again tomorrow, in fact I might.

Do whatever it takes to get a ticket, you must see this.


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