Pizza worth getting on your bike for.

Today we went to The Dynamo for lunch to welcome our new placement student to the team. There is really not a time when pizza isn’t a good idea, but given T and I ended up accidentally school night drinking last night, today it was a really good idea.

I didn’t know before arriving that The Dynamo is cycling themed and, with the Tour De France on the screens, I couldn’t help but think that this was the sort of place that the recently departed Mr Gosling would like.  I should hasten to add he is not dead, just dead to me! Anyway, I digress, the menu is short and sweet and almost entirely sourdough pizza, with some salads and a couple of specials.
I went for the Tourmalet, which like all the pizza on the menu is woodfired and named after famous cycling climbs, (don’t be ashamed I had no idea either). 

Apparently they do excellent breakfast and very good coffee.

It was a very good pizza, the noises round the table were all very positive. It made me feel better but in need of a nap which is generally frowned upon in the office! 

On the plus side, I didn’t finish all my pizza so had a little office snack for the afternoon.

Certainly worth a visit if you are in Putney, like pizza and definitely if you like cycling. 


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