Roof East open air cinema

After leaving Som Saa a miracle occurred and Fi got on the tube without argument, (not a tube fan) as we headed to Roof East

East for my second dose of 80’s nostalgia this weekend, Top Gun. On top of the car park of the original Straford shopping centre you’ll find an amazing space, I love the way these places are being used to make the most of the locations and spaces they have. There are great views over Queen Elizabeth park and loads of space, they have a pop up screen, mini golf, table tennis and basket ball court! 
After the trauma of discovering they had no white wine, no beer and no ice, we settled down to watch the movie. It’s pretty cool watching it with real planes over head. 

Great place for a few chilled out drinks, if they have them. Still cry at Top Gun, some things will never change! 


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